DoomSweeper is a simple minesweeper in javascript and html, with... the skin of D00M (originals)!

Choose your difficulty:



Display the menu and allow you to go back to start.
[r] key or click on Doom Head
Reset ans restart the game on the current map
Create a warning flag, mandatory to finish a board.
Reveal an hidden square, or if already visible, display all the square around (works like the double click on the origina window's minesweeper).
Click on the speaker icon: speaker for block music
Allow you to pause or play the main song.


Too lazy to go thought all the levels? Luckily I'm not a mean guy, and you can go directly to the level of your choice below:

DoomSweeper work on all major modern browser.
But on Opera, you will not have any music.
At opposite, IE10 and Safari will not play almost sounds effects.