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What is Mario In Love?

Mario saved the princess several times!

But sometimes, it's not enough to fall in love! You have to search and found some commonalities, and personnalities must match.

It's what will happen in this game, where you must drive Mario to the princess by walking, jumping to the tubes.

The concept

This is a game I didn't really create. To be honest, I created almost nothing. The levels design and the concept come from this great game: The convergence.
The design and the sprites come from this awesome website
Many thanks to them!

Other Special Thanks

Scirra for the game engine.

inuyaksa for the custom scroll.

NOE interactive for the totop jQuery plugin.

fsuarez913, zen-kaipu, david fens for the Mario Fonts.

About me

It's not the only game I imaginated. You can also play to doomsweeper for example!

Write me an email on

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