You gain 40 seconds
You loose in your mission :-( - Internet will never have full colors, and wizard Darshado Wins!I want to try again
I told you to avoid the skull - It killed you!I want to try again

You win!

You release successively red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple keys! Colors are back in the internet world! Wizard Darshado is far far away now, until is revenge...

Are you masochist?

Yes, and want to play again


Lot of thanks to Azureflux for his awesome songs /Wizard House/ and /Reckless/ used in this game!

Sounds made on jfxr.

Seudides has been made in a Selfish Game Challenge mod, so it took approximatively 48 hours to made. Participate!

The selfish game is here for share, so here is the github source of Seudides

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