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The association was founded by Dominique Wichiechky, a maverick employed to the liberty. Graduate of a accountancy certificate, he's a early dreamer about cannabis liberty.

He's got 14 years old, during his hollidays in France, when he see in summer sky a meteor going from part to part, followed by an important explosion. Runing to the explosion area, he's the first on the stage. He's going inside the shell of... it was an UFO.

He contacting quickly an alien survivor. Dominique can't help the alien despite the strong love and hope message coming from it, because arriving a military car, with men in black, with men in uniform. With only 14 years old, he can't resist from the order and go away.

After this sad experience, forever with a strong influence of that, he decide to found the Roswell Association in 2005. Roswell because of the name of the charismatic grey pathetic flesh wich everybody know.

le fondateur Dominique Wichiechky fixing a deconexion.

Credit : simonertel.net