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UFO are ingrain in our civilisation now and the multiples cases of space galactics adventurers, from infinite space to admire our beautiful planet are legion. medias ofen talk about, and they daily talk about meetings and experiences between humans and aliens.

But adventure has a cost, and this cost is more and more expensive for the aliens, and sometimes they pay it with their life. The most well know of the alien is probably "Roswell". This name, pronounced ever and ever must be the proud of our action.

Our association wish his tragic death wasn't be futile. Human culture of the earth need to meet their cultures, coming from so far. There is no culture as society, and there's no society without mutual aid and compassion for its next. So, we are humans and we need to take the responsability to honour the peace and love message of this visitors from an another world. Our foundation aim the goal to help the aliens family with one of their members dead or injured in crash of UFO on earth.

Indeed, if UFO crash don't kill them, it disfigure their life forever. Lots of visitors are handicaped, can't find a job, a home, coming with us in our world. Their conditions of life are miserable and their wishes to come back on their planet, hopeless.

So, we can't stay impervious to this orphelins and widow, to the entire family who can't mourn their parent next of kin, disappeared or carbonized, far away from their home in quest of a better world.

We are not alone in this universe, don't let them alone in our world.


Crédit : simonertel.net